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Join Reef Ambassador Evie Johnstone as she reflects on a journey of discovery through the enchanting landscapes of Morocco. Join her as she delves into the realm of thrilling surf breaks, tantalising flavours, vibrant hues, and rich cultural experiences.

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First Impressions Are Everything.

"Morocco was like my perfect playground, a little slice of heaven. The waves were long and clean, the wind blew offshore, and the light was incredible with a constant haze that made it so perfect for photography. The colours were vibrant and the food was delicious, what more could you want from a ten day trip away. Everyday the sky arched blue and the sun shone high, perfect sandals weather."

~ Evie ~

A Voyage of Discovery

Driving through the narrow streets, vast desertscapes, and picturesque countryside of Morocco unveils a tapestry of captivating landscapes. On the sun-kissed beaches, crashing waves beckon surf enthusiasts to ride their exhilarating rhythms, painting the coastline with endless moments of adventure.

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So what does a pro-surfer do in her holiday down-time?

"When I wasn't surfing, I'd be exploring the local town, petting ALL the animals and puppies I could find, and getting lost in markets. My Reefs are so great for this because they keep my feet cool in the midday sun and are so comfy to wear, even when putting in some serious miles on foot, I didn't have to think about wearing my trainers."

~ Evie ~

Morocco is a symphony of colours, where every corner reveals a unique palette. Intricate tile designs, known as zellige, adorn ancient walls and enchant with their geometric patterns. The sights are a feast for the eyes, from the bustling medinas filled with vibrant textiles and spices to the awe-inspiring architecture of the mosques and palaces. The air is infused with the scents of fragrant spices, fresh mint tea, and the earthy aroma of the bustling souks, creating an immersive sensory experience that truly captures the essence of this extraordinary country.

How would you sum up your first experience or Morocco?

"Morocco was just so beautiful I didn't want to stop and sit down ever, I just wanted to explore, surf and soak in all that amazing culture. I'll definitely be visiting again."

~ Evie ~