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We sat down with Evie Johnstone, Reef UK Surf Ambassador, as she shares her profound love for surfing in light of her recent collaboration as part of the Embracing Beauty Ambassador Edit

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Can you share some of your favourite surf spots in Cornwall and what makes them special to you?

Cornwall is such amazing place to surf. It’s raw down here, and pretty wild. We have predominant SW winds which howl onshore a lot of the time, but there’s always spots to be surfed, if you have the time to seek. It also means when the conditions align, it feels all the more special and exciting. I live in Newquay on Fistral Beach, one of the main surfing beaches here in Cornwall, although there are so many. It’s a great place to be based as it’s super consistent, and for me there’s nothing better than paddling out and being surrounded by all your friends and familiar faces in the line up. Some people go for coffee to catch up with their mates, I like to go for surf

As a Reef UK ambassador, how do you incorporate sustainability into your surfing lifestyle, and what initiatives are you passionate about?

I think as an individual it can often seem hard to know where to start when thinking about the grand scale of helping to change the world. But small things can make a big impact if everyone does it, so starting small does make a difference. Picking up rubbish from the street/beach, joining beach cleans ups, eating consciously, recycling properly, shopping in local farm shops and reducing plastic waste, supporting brands with a good moral compass and ethical ethos, buying second hand, cycling instead of driving for small trips around town- these are all a really good starting point.

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What are some of your most memorable surfing experiences or achievements, both in Cornwall and beyond?

Surfing has always been such a huge part of my life. It’s driven pretty much every decision I've ever made, whether it be where I live, where I travel to, the people that I’ve met or even how over time I have developed my work life into a ‘not so routined’ routine that incorporates surfing and the freedom to chase tides and the swell. It’s so engrained into everything that I do and such a huge part of my identity and lifestyle. I love it so much. If I had to pick some big moments, it would be winning the UK Pro Surf tour, competing in the ALAS tour across Central and South America, and ofcourse signing with Reef! Huge! Hehe.

Outside of surfing, what other interests or hobbies do you have that contribute to your overall lifestyle and mindset?

Other than surfing, I really enjoy any kind of movement. Movement is key, it’s so good for mental health. Exercise is as much about mental health as it is physical health. I like to do yoga, and lift weights in the gym, these are my favourites. I don't have a strict routine, but I incorporate as much as I can daily without putting too much pressure on myself. I like cold water dips, I love the sauna. Hitting 10,000 steps a day is always good starting point to feeling good too. Lucky I have a doggie that loves to walk otherwise I think I would find this one harder hehe. She makes my world a brighter place for sure, I am very grateful for her. Obviously photography is a huge part of my happiness also, it’s my passion, I adore it like I adore surfing. Being passionate about what you do, or being passionate about anything that you are doing often is a really nice thing to feel. You want to create a life with a sense of purpose, of fulfilment, do things that make you feel positive and whole.

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How do you hope to inspire others, particularly women and young girls, and what messages do you want to share with aspiring surfers?

Surfing is such a wonderful place to start when creating a lifestyle. It incorporates so many things that tick the boxes for well being- it’s fun and challenging, it’s active, it’s immersive in nature, it can be social (or very solitary depending on how you want to feel that day hehe), the ocean is so nurturing. I can’t recommend it enough. I think in life, especially nowadays, dodging the negative thought patterns has become increasingly harder, so having a space where you can feel free and a place thats hugs your soul like the ocean is such a wonderful and welcoming escape. If I were to give any advice, and I am still learning as I go, when pursuing goals and passions, I believe if you do it whole heartedly and really believe in it, anything is achievable. Putting in the work may seem hard at times, and you really do have to put the work in when pursuing your dreams, but the sense of achievement supersedes absolutely everything that comes your way. Don’t let fear sway your decisions, base you decisions around love and let happiness be your compass. You have to live in the life you create, so make it kind, make it colourful and make it a loving place. 

Special Mention to Evie Johnstone and Lila Hasson Photography for their stunning images that bring our campaign and blog to life.