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Home Blog 64 & he catches the wave of a lifetime

64 & he catches the wave of a lifetime

64 & he catches the wave of a lifetime

To Mason and Coco Ho he’s just “POPS.” To the surfing world he’s a living icon. His accolades speak for themselves as a triple crown champion, winner of the coveted Pipeline Masters and Eddie Aikau invite, the list goes on and on. REEF ambassadors, Mason and Coco Ho, recall a recent day to remember and give us a rundown on the holy water he must be drinking. 

The day in the life of Mike Ho, through the eyes of Coco or Mason

In our eyes, dad does everything the same, day after day. That day was just like any other, typically:  

5AM - Wakes up makes a pot of coffee.

6AM - Comes upstairs makes another pot of coffee, this time loudly so we get up.

7AM - Eats oatmeal, cracks his Dad jokes. overwhelms us with questions on where we are gonna surf and what were gonna ride. 

730AM - Checks pipe cause he hears the contest is off. in disbelief runs to the board room to dust off one of his longer pipe boards cause he hasn’t been surfing much so wanted some paddle power. 

8AM - Paddles out and gets his best wave out there, maybe ever?! 

12PM - He actually took a while to get home that’s why I made the sign in case I was gone when he got home just to know how proud we were. 

I think he went to visit uncle Dereks memorial after to say thank you and i love you to his little brother. 

1PM - Hottest time of the day (every time) mows the lawn and continues to do so as I tell him he's blowing up on the internet. 

2PM - He only has a flip phone so we have to sit him down to show him all the clips, photos, and angles.